This image captures a couple of my favourite things.....

Those who know what they are looking at will know its the front end of a bicycle - the headtube where the forks and handlebars attach to the bicycle frame.

What I truly love about that image is the tiny club shape filed into the tube. Now there is a practical reason for a hole to exist in that location. It allows the gases from welding the tubes together to escape. Now in 999 cases in 1000, a simple hole would have been drilled, and adequately fulfilled this purpose.

However if your name was Alberto Masi, a crudely drilled hole just will not do....It matters not that nobody will ever see your artistry within. You know. You know what you have made is exquisite. Its all about the details.

I see a similar parallel with winemaking. Underpinning the actions made by a winemaker is science. And while the process of converting suger to alcohol isnt a difficult one, a lot of the winemakers artistry is never seen, however its the details that make all the difference.

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